Friday, February 27, 2009

Studying for The Drivers Test

Nick and I should be getting our Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) next week and are studying up to take our Taiwan scooter drivers license as soon as we are able to. Some of the questions are quite entertaining (not to mention poorly translated) so I thought I'd share a couple with you. You can try to answer them yourselves and I'll provide a key at the end :-)

  1. (T/F) I have driven for many years and have good driving skill. Therefore, when I'm driving, I often joke and sing. This shows my driving skill and will not affect the safety.
  2. If you slip and fall down because there is some oil on the road, you should (1)take it as bad luck and ride away(2)report to the nearest police station.(3)but tree branches or other visible markings on the area to warn other people.
  3. If a motorist wants to keep the traffic order to gain a good image for the country, strengthen the social safety and have the happiness of his family, he should(1)have good riding moral and spirit of obeying the law. (2)have good riding skills (3)not smoke and drink.
  4. When you ride to a store to buy things, you should (1)park your motorcycle at the assigned area and walk into the store to shop(2)stop at the road side and shout to the shop own to bring you the things(3)park your motorcycle as you wish in front of the store counter or pavement.
  5. A motorist cloth and appearance (1)have no restrictions(2)can wear slippers(3)should be clean and tidy.
  6. I am a good motorist and always follow the traffic rules, I hope the traffic policemen should for the sake of safety (1)strengthen observation and traffic law enforcement(2)not strengthen observation and traffic law enforcement(3)only strengthen the observation.
  7. (T/F) I discover from the two passengers whispered conversation that they are drug dealers. To help my country, I should take them to the police station and not let them escape.
  8. (T/F) On a narrow slope, if the car driving downhill does not give way to a car driving uphill. or a uphill car does not wait a downhill car passing the slope, and try to go uphill. or a car are driving along the inside lane of the slope does not give way to a car on the outside lane will be fined.

1. F 2. 3 3. 1 4. 1 5. 3 6. 1 7. T 8. T

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