Sunday, February 22, 2009

Thai Massage

Last night Nick and I had our first Thai massage!

We spent Saturday hanging out with Nancy's cousin Chris: we went to lunch and then got dessert (which I will take a picture of and explain next time I have it... it was quite unique!) and we rode some go-Karts and then had dinner.... it was quite the full day.

Chris also made a reservation for he and his girlfriend and Nick and I to go to get a Thai massage at 10pm that night. Nick has never had a massage before and I've never had a Thai massage so we weren't really sure what to expect. Nick wasn't really excited about it, but that's what Chris wanted to do, so he went along with it.

The first thing they did when we got there was to wash our feet, which I was all about. After that we were lead to a small private room with three beds and each given a pair of pants and a button-down shirt to put on. Chris and his GF were in a different room so Nick and I had to figure out what to do ourselves... for a couple of minutes we deliberated whether or not we were supposed to completely strip down or leave our undergarments on... but we (correctly) decided that we should remove everything.

The lights were low and we were in these weird clothes that we weren't even sure we had put on correctly (do the buttons go in front, or in back!?... answer: in front!) Needless to say... Nick was feeling WAY out of his element!

Once we were changed, the women came in to give us each a massage. We paid NT$1,000 for a two hour massage (that is about $33US, so its a pretty good deal).

Thai massages are quite unlike the massages that you usually get in the United States (which I think are Swedish??). Anyway, these women really work for their money! They use their entire body to massage you: Their hands, elbows, their knees, their feet... Nick's masseuse even used her chin to hold his knee while she was rubbing his thigh. It's pretty cool! They used their feet for moves like this:

and did all kinds of body manipulations putting their body weight on us to stretch us out. There were even times when the masseuse was sitting in between my legs so she could work on my thighs or whatever else she wanted to do. It was pretty crazy. My masseuse was a little chubby, which worked out because then when my leg was resting on hers it was like a pillow instead of a bony leg. I was all about it! haha.

The last move of the massage was this one:

(where the masseuse is the one on the bottom)

Nick's masseuse was a small woman and it was pretty amusing to see Nick on top of her like this. I said in Chinese "he is very big!" when she did it! haha. I can't believe he didn't crush her!

I have to say, I really enjoyed my Thai massage and I have a feeling that when we go to Thailand, we will be getting a lot of these!

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