Monday, April 2, 2012

Project 365: Day 38

Well, we just returned from our spring break vacation yesterday and already I'm back on the road in Chicago for work. I have pictures for every day I was gone, but I will have to spend some time getting them up so keep your eyes pealed over the next week for some extra pictures. In the meantime, here is my picture of the day today.
I was home for less than 24 hours so I didn't have much time to look for my still-missing camera, but by the end of the week I will either 1) find it or 2) buy a new one. In the meantime all of my pictures of the day are from my blackberry... boo.

Anyway, this picture is of the river in Chicago just 1/2 a block from my hotel - picture was taken at ~6pm so the light was just right... it was a pretty nice little walk from the car rental place. I still haven't made it to the lake to see the Chicago skyline... one day...

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