Monday, April 9, 2012

Project 365: Day 45

It's finally here. After 6 months of waiting the day has finally arrived..... OPENING DAY!!! The first day Nick and I got to check out our "mini-plan" season tickets seats (we only got 20 games worth, not the full 81).  Nick had the whole day off and I took a half day and at noon we headed down to the stadium.

Usually we walk to the games (40 minutes) or take a cab ($7) but today we started a new tradition: biking to the games!! It's free and took less than 10 minutes to get there with the added bonus that I looked super cute on my super cute bike! yay, fun!

We went into the game an hour early so we could take a lap around the entire park - just checking out what's new, getting the lay of the land - and then we went upstairs (our seats are on the upper deck) where we took another lap of the park. We made it to our seats for what was definitely the best part of the entire afternoon:  The singing of the anthem, an air force F16 flyover, and a balloon release!!
The balloons were awesome because of the wind they were coming directly towards us and it felt like we were in a snow globe! It was so fun!!!

Then the Rockies went on to lose the game 7-0 and all of our hopes and dreams were shattered. It's gonna be a long season if they continue to play like that!  Nick made a last-ditch effort at a rally during the 9th inning, but it was a quick 1-2-3 (of our best hitters) and the game was over... bummer.
look how sad he is... :-(

On the bright side, our seats are pretty good! We might try to get them moved down a couple seats because our view is partially obstructed by the staircase, but we have end seats in the first row in our section and we're just over the third base line. AND they're in the shade, which is going to be awesome in the summer! (although it was about 75 in the sun and 60 in the shade today, so we were a bit chilly - nick didn't have a sweater and went outside in the sun to warm up in between every inning!)  Despite the Rockie's poor showing, we had a fabulous day.

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