Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Project 365: Day 39

So I'm here in Chicago this week to work the AACR (American Assoc. of Cancer Research) meeting for Bruker. We're promoting our new 1Tesla small-animal MRI machine called the Icon MRI. Its actually really exciting because just two days ago we announced a new partnership with an Israeli company called Aspect Imaging. There were 3-4 Bruker people in the booth and 4 or 5 Aspect people and we all spent the week hanging out in this 30x30 space talking to customers about our products.

Trade shows are not typically my favorite things to do, but it was really fun getting to know our new colleagues (some of which were also from Aspect's small Canadian office) and I am really excited about working with them and learning from them in the future. So, although I could think of other more productive ways to spend three days immediately following a vacation, I'm glad I went. It was great!

Here is a picture of our booth (which was fabulous and was completely put together by our pals at Aspect)

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