Sunday, April 29, 2012

Project 365: Day 64 (We're ENGAGED!!!)

I'm ENGAGED!!!!!
can you even believe it!? I can't!!!

so let me back up and tell the story :-) Last week, Aimee sent out an email to all of our friends subject line: Free Rockies tickets this Saturday! and it went like this:

Hi Friends!
So I just won 10 Rockies tickets from my school for this Saturday at 6:10pm...who wants to come with me?? Kevin is able to come, so the first 8 people to get back to me are in!!
To which I responded: ooo fun!!! Nick and i already have tickets from our season ticket plan, but we'll be there!!!  
Fast forward to Saturday and it turned out that Aimee still had two extra tickets so Nick and I decided to sell our tickets and then use the free ones to sit with all of our friends. Around 3pm Aimee and Kebi met Nick and I at our house to ride our bikes over to Fado's Irish Pub for some pre-game happy hour beers.  Some of Nick's friends from school were there too so we had a nice crowd of like 15 people hanging out before the game.
Nick left a little early so that he could scalp our tickets and by the bottom of the 1st we were all in the game - Me, Nick, Kebi, Aimee, Kev, Kyle, Randi, Ben, Carrie, and Bara.
Throughout the game I was looking for a picture of the day. My first opportunity came when Shane Co. had an ad up on the score board that I thought was particularly applicable (of course I had no idea what Nick had planned!):
Then Kebi and I decided to download a phone app for "Earth Man" - an eccentric vendor in Denver.
You can download the app, place an order, and click the "Beer Me" button and within 5 minutes he shows up at your seats with all the beer you just ordered, it was awesome! So at that point I was pretty sure that my picture of Earth Man was going to be my picture of the day:
But then... the 7th inning stretch came, and my whole night changed!

Take Me Out to the Ball Game came on the loud speaker and just like I do at every Rockies game, I tried in vain to get Nick to stand up and sing with me. I didn't waste much energy on him because he never joins in, so I turned around and started singing with my friends. Next thing I know, Nick has his hand on my back and is saying my name and I'm like "What are you doing" and he gently nudges me and says my name again and I repeat, "Nick what are you doing?" and when I turn to look at him, he's down on one knee - kneeling in spilt beer, peanut shells, and chewed up sunflower seeds.
I've got an Isotoner glove on to keep my beer-holding hand warm and I am COMPLETELY caught off guard. The first words out of my mouth were "What are you doing!?"  I had absolutely no idea that this was going to happen. I just kept saying "are you serious!?" I sat down on the bleacher and he leaned in and asked me to marry him. 
I was crying and laughing so hard, I didn't even know what was happening

It turns out Aimee didn't win any tickets, the whole thing was an elaborate plan for him to get all of our friends at the game for the proposal. Nick bought the tickets a week ago to make sure that we all got seats together in the same section that he and I were sitting at when the Rockies won the National League Championship in 2007.   No one knew except Aimee and Kevin (...and a couple people who Aimee and Kev spilled the beans to, hehe)
Nick asked Aimee and Kev to make this sign for me with the stipulation that the sign had to have the word "Finally" in it.... well this whole thing has been 5 years in the making!

Of course I immediately posted the ring to Facebook!
The night was PERFECT all of our friends were there to celebrate with us - a surprise for all!!!
After the game (the Rockies lost) we all went to Wynkoop to celebrate so I got an engagement AND and engagement party all in one night! Randi and Aimee bought mini bottles of champagne for everyone and we had a champagne toast!

Thank you to Aimee and Kevin for being a part of our special night - it was more than I could have ever hoped for. Today I'm the happiest girl in the world.


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  3. Im super excited for you guys!!! Let this be a bruker blessing! Congrats to you both and i look forward to many awesome photos!