Saturday, April 14, 2012

Project 365: Day 49

Well... the longest week ever has begun! Thankfully I have come prepared with my own yoga mat!

About a month ago I started using free podcasts to do yoga in my hotel rooms because sometimes it's the only thing I am really motivated to do on the road. The bad thing was that doing it on dirty hotel room floors was basically disgusting. So finally, after hurting both of my wrists in Chicago when using a hotel towl as a mat, I went online and bought a travel yoga mat from amazon (the brand is Gaiam). It's awesome because it folds up like a big T-shirt, and it's perfect for in-room yoga. I've actually been using it in Denver on top of my regular mat because it's better at keeping my hands in place when they start to sweat, so I'm pretty excited about the purchse!

This week will be my first time actually using it on the road, breaking it in hotel style - so here is my picture of the day!

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