Saturday, May 5, 2012

Project 365: Day 71

Bar Bike!!!
A couple of weeks ago there was a Groupon for the Denver Patio Ride and thanks to some planning by my friend Jessie, we got together a group of 16 people to buy the tickets and go out on Cinco de Mayo for some fun in the sun - it was sunny Colorado day, perfect for a bike ride around the city.

The Patio Ride is basically a huge picnic table with wheels and some pneumatic breaks. Everyone sits on bicycle seats and peddles the thing around town while a designated drive (patio ride employee) steers us around town for two hours. It's pretty much the best mode of transportation for a bar crawl that I've ever seen! It was awesome. 
(of course everyone managed to get in this picture except Nick!)

We all met up at a little bar on 26th and Larimer called Matchbox and by 2:30 we were on our way to our first bar - moving at a snails pace, but on our way nonetheless.

Not all of the seats have peddels, some lucky people get to just sit and enjoy it, but for the most part everyone should be peddling the whole time.  We did try to mix it up between bars and during one long stretch I even asked the driver to call a chinese fire drill at the stop light cuz my legs were getting tired. Peddling 17 people around is a lot of work!!
It was a blast! We had drinks and tunes on the bike and we despite our slow pace, we made it to three bars in two hours: The Retro Room, 1up, Breckenridge Brewery. 
We landed back at the Matchbox bar just in time to watch the Kentucky Derby (which I've never watched before!) Matchbox bar has a nice little back porch area w/ boccie ball so we hung out there for another hour or so and then Nick headed to the Rockie's game for the evening.

I was a little bummed out because my ring was at the jewelers getting sized all week and I was hoping to have it for the day, but I ended up having to wait until Sunday to pick it up.... other than that it was a fabulous day!

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