Sunday, May 13, 2012

Project 365: Day 79

Sunday Nick and I made our first trip to check out a venue for the wedding: Sol Vista Basin at Granby Ranch. It was an overcast day, but we had a really nice trip up into the mountains, there's no traffic this time of year and everything is blooming and green, it's absolutely gorgeous up there.

The venue was pretty amazing... I'm basically in love with it. Unfortunately my camera was in macro-mode when we tried to take pictures AND my eyes were closed in ALL 5 pictures that the Events Coordinator took for us, but it's going to be my picture of the day anyway. This is the potential ceremony site....
The sky was overcast so it is hard to make out the snow-capped mountains in the far background, but I can assure you - it was breathtaking.

(I believe my exact words when we first saw it was "holy f*ing sh*t this is gorgeous")

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