Thursday, May 17, 2012

Project 365: Day 83

Today I made the most unhealthy dinner that I have ever cooked - and it was amazing. I found a recipe for spinach chicken Parmesan and decided to try it out. Once the chicken was in the oven, I thought to myself - you know what would be amazing with this chicken?! Alfredo pasta! So i looked up a quick and easy recipe for Alfredo sauce (hint: for ingredients - butter, cream, cheese, and garlic) and whipped it up. It was seriously so delicious I could have put it in a mug and drank it. It was amazing. 

Needless to say, any meal with that much cheese and butter is a winner in my book - I'm just not sure I'll be making it again any time soon, I don't count calories, but I'm SURE that had way too many in it!
 As a fun aside: I did hot yoga today and weighed myself as soon as I got home - curious about how much water weight I sweat out during class - and then I weighed myself after I devoured this meal (less than 2 hours later).... the difference?! 4 pounds!!!! hahaha, life is crazy!

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