Saturday, May 12, 2012

Project 365: Day 78

Saturday Aimee's art class was celebrating the opening of the Epic Arts Exhibition at the Redline Gallery here in Denver.  It's a youth exhibition with all the art coming from local school children and Aimee's students had tons of great art in there. The theme of the exhibition is social justice and all of Aimee's students picked local issues that were important to them and then broke up into groups to put together a representative art piece.

This one - an Angry Birds theme - was making a statement on bullying:
My favorite one was from Aimee's students who were concerned with all the dog poop on the school playground. They're trying to tell the community to pick up their doggy's doo-doo - I think they did a pretty great job!
Some of the kids from other schools did photography or print making and I really have to say I was completely impressed by the kid's work and by their social consciousness - it actually gave me faith in the direction that our society is going... it was a great show.
The show is going on until May 20th so if you're in the Denver area, you should check it out!

After the show, Nick and I walked down the block to the Great Divide brewery for some refreshment. They had a beer on tap named after my grandma:
So of course I had to drink a Colette! It was delightfully refreshing. Later that night we went to Comedy Works with Aimee and Kyle. All in all, a fabulous Saturday!

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