Monday, May 21, 2012

Project 365: Day 87

On the road again... This week is a big one for me, I'll be gone Monday - Friday and treking from Oklahoma to Minnesota to Nebraska!

Today, I was in Bartlesville, Oklahoma which is about an hour or so south of Tulsa. I'm staying in Tulsa tonight (pretty much at the airport) and have a 7:30am flight to Minnesota first thing in the morning (which reminds me... I should go to bed!!!)

I had an awesome lunch with a customer at Dink's BBQ in Bartlesville (worth the flight!)and then headed back to Tulsa for the evening. After a very uneventful meal at Panera, I was on my way to my hotel and thinking to myself "crap, I need a picture of the day before I get back to my room" and at that exact moment, I came across Stella - just hangin' out on the sidewalk. Stella appears to be a penguin stewardess from the 1960's and she was the perfect subject for my picture of the day!

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