Thursday, January 29, 2009

And I'm Back!


Well, today was a very exciting day. 1st, Nick and I got a scooter (we rented one for a month and hopefully by the end of the rental period we will have our Alien Resident Cards and be able to buy our own scooters)!! and 2nd, I found an Internet cafe (thanks to cruising on our scooter) where I can use my flash drive, so now I can post some fun stuff.

So, for now I'm just going to back-date the couple of posts that I have written so they'll appear below this one and you can read them at your leisure!

I'll be in touch hopefully a little more often now, I have all kinds of fun things to share with you. Most likely my next post will be on how CRAZY driving around here is! AHHHHHHHHH!!!

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