Thursday, January 29, 2009

January 23, 2009 update

Where to begin...

A lot has happened since the last time I wrote: I got a job and an apartment! We actually got both on our third day here, can you believe that!? Angel is pretty amazing! She got us a pretty awesome job (and good thing too, because out of the 10 jobs we sent our resumes to, only one replied to tell us that they already found someone!)

We work for Columbia as "Language Consultants" which is basically an English teacher but our students are called "clients" and our classes range from only 1 to 6 students, mostly adults. Apparently it's the most expensive place to learn English on the island. There are 6 levels of ability and with the higher levels, we basically pick news articles or any short reading sample and have everyone read it out loud, taking turns. Then we use it as a start point to generate discussion, learn new vocabulary, and help them with advanced grammer and sentence structure, etc. With the lower levels we focus more on basic grammar and vocab using material out of various ESL books.

It's pretty chill and its right up my alley; I'm all about it. We also already had our first day of work (on Thursday) and then went straight into a 10-day vacation. Its
Chinese New Year! So that's pretty nice.

Our apartment is also nice. It’s a two-bedroom place in the North District, just north of the city center. People call it the "suburb" but by US standards, its definitely the city.

This is a street just a couple blocks from us... out in the "suburbs" of Taichung City!

There's TONS of stuff within walking distance including this temple, a cute little coffee shop where we have breakfast every day, several night markets, karaoke, a couple grocery stores, the “Ho-Easy” which is a home store where we bought our dresser and some other things, and tons of other stuff.

It's definitely bigger than what we need, but it's within our price range and Angel found it for us so we couldn't turn it down (how would we find anything else anyway!?) but it ended up being pretty great and we even have AC in the bedroom which I know we will really appreciate this summer.

All in all it's been a VERY productive week. Still on the to-do list are getting our scooters and the internet (hence my being so out of touch)… but those will have to wait until after the 9-day holiday because apparently EVERYTHING shuts down during the New Year.

Well, Happy New Year Everyone!!

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