Friday, January 16, 2009

On Our Way.....

So here we are, at our layover in San Fransisco! So far, so good. We left my sister's apartment at 4:20 am (only got 3 hours of sleep!) so we slept almost the whole way to SF. Now we have a 3 hour lay over (which is over 1/2 way over at this point) and then we'll be onto the last and VERY VERY long leg of our trip.

So far, I don't think it has really sunk in with either of us what we are about to do. Obviously we're aware of it, but it feels like its still in the far-off future. But, I'm sure once land and everything is in Chinese and no one is speaking English, it will kick in real fast!

Saying goodbye to my parents wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. I guess every time I leave for a long time I think it isn't a big deal to say goodbye to them, but then when I do, I always get a little choked up and shed some tears. They're just awesome and its sad to know I won't see them for such a long time. I love my mom and dad... so yeah, that was hard. BUT the good thing was that I said goodbye to them on Wednesday so now today I don't have to deal with the emotions of that now, on the big travel day. I'm glad I had one day in between saying good bye to them and leaving to kind of let the dust settle. I wouldn't want to be an emotional wreck on a 15 hour plane ride!

Anyway, I guess I should try to do something productive while I have the Internet and then its on to the airplane.... AHHHH!!!

Zai Jian everyone!

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