Monday, January 5, 2009

I'm Back!

Happy New Year Everyone!!
Did you miss me??

I apologize for my absence over the Holiday season, things in my life have been more than a bit crazy lately.

As most of you probably know, I will be moving to Taiwanto teach English in less than two weeks. I have been planning this for quite a while but wanted to keep it on the DL until I gave official notice to my employer of my departure. Today I gave my two weeks notice, so now I am able to finally talk freely about everything.

December was CRAZY. I have been living in Denver for the last two years have a really awesome group of friends there so it was definitely not easy to say goodbye to a city that I absolutely love filled with friends that I love even more. In addition to saying goodbye, I had to move all of my belongings into storage, so I spent tons of my time packing up and throwing out copious amounts of CRAP.

Right before Christmas Nick and I drove my car across the country to come home and spend our last couple of weeks in our home state of Pennsylvania. We were lucky and had completely dry roads for the entire drive home!

The holidays were crazier than the move was and that brings us to where we are right now.... less than two weeks from the biggest change either of us has EVER made in our lives!

At this point in time we do not have a job or a place to live. We actually have no idea where in the country we will end up. This is very exciting and also a bit nerve wracking!!! I'm nervous about the idea that we'll be flying by the seat of our pants, but also really excited to see were life takes us in the next year. Most likely we will end up in one of the three large cities on the island, but other than that we have not narrowed it down at all. We both plan to spend the next couple weeks doing some serious research and trying to get a better idea of what the plan will be. Teachers are in high demand in Taiwan and even with the slumping economy we shouldn't have too much trouble finding a job. (on the plus side we do have a round trip ticket, so if everything goes to hell, we can come back in a month... but don't hold your breath people!)

The plan as of now is to stay for one year. If things are really awesome (or if the economy is still really bad!) we may stay longer than a year, but that is yet to be determined. At this point, we're not counting anything out of the realm of possibility.

So this is my big news... now that I don't have a secret any more I can be much more open in my blog posts, so look forward to some new and exciting things in 2009!!

Soon this blog will turn into mostly a travel blog about my trip, I'd like to use it as a way to keep in touch with everyone at home and let you know about all of the fun and interesting things I learn and encounter in my new home.

So wish me luck and keep coming back to see where my travels take me!

p.s. I'm trying to sell my 2006 Nissan Sentra, so if you need a new car.... PLEASE BUY IT!!!

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