Sunday, January 18, 2009

Our First Dinner

Tonight we went to the night market, and I'm too tired to describe it now, but I'm sure I'll write about it at some point down the line. It's quite the experience.

For now, I just wanted to give you a little picture of the first dinner that Nick and I picked out for ourselves: an array of dumplings from a street vendor.
They were pretty good! There wasn't one that we didn't like.

In the months leading up to this trip, I had been looking forward to trying out Taiwanese food (especially the weird stuff), but I have to admit that being in the night market was a little intimidating. I was really hungry and didn't know what any of the food was or how it would taste (or make my stomach feel)... so I chose something a little bit safe: dumplings. Baby steps, I guess! We need to find a friend to take us out to help us decide what to try and what to skip and what to try.

And here are a couple more fun things we saw at the market:

Who knows what a Bloody Cake is? Not me, and I wasn't quite ready to find out!

and this last picture was taken for one special person named Jamie Hammer! We miss you!!


  1. keep the updates coming. While wholly irrelevant, we're hitting three days of 60 degrees in Denver.

  2. glad to hear you folks are getting settled in. i imagine, by the look on nick's face, that this was after the debacle in the desert?