Sunday, January 25, 2009


Well I've written like four blogs in the last week, two on food, one on being a foreigner, and one that's just a general update... AND.... this freaking Internet cafe won't let me open up my flash drive!!! BOOOOOOO!!

So I guess it'll have to wait until God knows when I can get the Internet on my own computer. This is a total bummer. I'm very displeased with the whole thing.

In the mean time,


Last night our friend (Nancy's cousin, Chris who is about 27 years old) came over for our first visitors in our new apartment! When he realized that we didn't have anything to do on Chinese New Year's eve, he went to the store and bought us spaghetti which he cooked for us before he went to his father's house for the holiday. He said that its a very special night and we needed to have a good dinner! how sweet!

Today, I think he's taking us fishing for shrimp and to get Thai massages.... but who knows? We're never quite sure what is going to happen.

I hope all is well with you, hopefully I'll be able to put some more interesting cultural notes up here soon.

~ Rach


  1. congrats on the apartment and the gainful employment. nice, quick turn of events. sounds like you're saving enough time to soak things up too, which is fantabulous.


  2. Rachel- Congrats on moving to Taiwan! What an impressive change; I am very excited for you! How the heck have you been? Happy Birthday and I miss you...